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Nelson Bay jigsaw puzzle
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jigsaw puzzle
The first puzzle officially designated a “word-cross” did not appear until December 1913—the invention of Arthur Wynne, from Liverpool, who devised it for the New York World. The first book of crosswords was an American sensation, successfully launching the now well-known publisher Simon & Schuster. Cryptic puzzles are a British invention, with E. Powys Mather of the British Sunday newspaper The Observer (who began a setters’ trend for using pseudonyms by calling himself Torquemada) the first setter to use cryptic clues systematically. Torquemada was succeeded in the 1940s by D. S. Macnutt, who, as Ximenes, together with Afrit (A. F. Ritchie of the weekly periodical The Listener), helped to codify acceptable standards and conventions for crossword clues from the 1940s onward.(Encarta)

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